Corporate Marketing

The world of video production for corporate use is a vast one. Nick Saik Productions has carved out a niche creating videos in the Agricultural industry, as well as promoting events through video. 

Nick Saik Productions specializes in capturing moments that only occur once.  All of the projects you'll see below were done with 2 people or less, and a minimal amount of equipment.   We can move quickly, capture much more footage than is traditional in a single day of shooting, and start building an archive of your footage for future video projects.  You'll never get more value from one day of shooting than with Nick Saik Productions. 

This lightweight production style, and years of experience means commercial quality results for a fraction of the cost of larger video producers.  The results speak for themselves.  Contact Nick Saik for pricing. 


The Power to Perform:  Agri-Trend Group Promotion

This video was created for Agri-Trend Group of Companies, a long standing client of Nick Saik Productions.  Using slow motion footage, and an assortment of shots from Agri-Trend's archives, this video shows Agri-Trend's offerings, and captures the emotion and passion they put into their business. 

Wade Incorporated Promotional Project

This video is one of six produced as a package for Wade Integrated , a John Deere Equipment Dealership.  The idea with this video is to inform the viewer of Wade Inc.'s services and products, while showing the dynamic nature of it's customers and employees. 

Event Coverage and Promotion

Agri-Trade 2013

In 2013 Agri-Trade Exhibition celebrated 30 years of bringing the Ag sector together.  This video was created with footage from 2012 and 2013, and incorporated a large amount of aerial video.

The Farm Forum Event 2013

The Farm Forum Event brings amazing speakers together with top farmers and industry representatives.  This is a long form interview done with the Keynote speaker of the 2013 Farm Forum Event.

Olde Tyme Harvest for Hunger 2013

Watch the wrap up from this world record breaking event held in Langenburg Saskatchewan where more Antique Threshers processed wheat at one time than had ever been done before. Visit for more event details, DVD ordering, photos and more!

Shambhala 2012 Promotional Video

Almost time for Shambhala 2013!!! This video was created with footage taken last year. I hope you can feel the love, just like you were there in person. If you see yourself in the video, thanks for being a part of the fun, and if you don't see yourself, time to manifest some Shambhala for 2013.